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About XML Sitemap Generator

Free XML Sitemap Generator tool For SEO

XML sitemap generator tool helps you to generate the sitemap of the website. What sitemap gives- Sitemap gives the list of URLs of the website at one place. With the help of InRaMS sitemap generator tool, you can easily create your website sitemap. Sitemap helps Search to index the pages from one place. Sitemap improves the website crawl rate also.

If you are an SEO agency you have to create lot of websites site then you need an easy to use tool that create site easily. So InRaMS sitemap generator tool is free to use and easy to use tool.

Sitemap helps your website in internal linkings. If Google search engine crawler finds your website all pages on a single page then your website crawl rate will be improved.

Easy to generate the sitemap, Just enter your website link and set your frequency after that submit. Then you will get your website sitemap.

For all pages you need sitemap, but for making pages you need easy paraphrasing tool.

Create HTML Sitemap of the Website

Create your website sitemap without any coding experience, With the help of InRaMS sitemap generator tool you can easily create your website sitemap. It helps to search engine for crawling your web pages. Sitemap improves the crawling of the website.

How to Use Small SEO Sitemap Generator Tool

Small SEO sitemap generator tool creates your website sitemap up to 5000 pages. If you have a website And want to create the sitemap for that website then InRaMS small seo sitemap creator tool. Here you can select frequency, Modified dates, Priority and number of pages.  Once you select all these fields then hit the button generate the sitemap. So this is the process of creating the sitemap.



  • If your website has sitemap then its crawl rate improves.
  • If the website has sitemap then the index of the website also improved.
  • If our website index status improves then our website search ranking also improved.


XML sitemap generator helps you to easily generate XML sitemaps without spending a penny & its’ found to be really compatible with major search engines including Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo and more.

Its’ a well-known fact that placing a formatted xml file with site map on your web server makes it easier for Search Engine bots (like Google) to locate & differentiate between incredible pages from the ordinary ones.

Quite frankly, XML sitemap generator is a gift for bloggers & online business owners to grab the attention of creepy bots & manipulate them.

This tool uses the latest technology to build the best XML sitemap for your site with great ease & lots of detailed analysis aboard to take benefit of webmaster tool & Google analytics.

One of the major problem areas for most of the bloggers & site owners is lack of coding skills, which keeps them far away from top 100 of search engine rankings. Well…..XML sitemap generator sorts it out for you, even an ordinary layman with basic computer knowledge can operate our tool without any coding experience.

The easy steps involved in using XML generator are:-

  • Enter your website URL in the format i.e
  • Enter the date of modification,( it can be either modified date or custom date i.e. to indicate any changes in URL), to avoid recrawling of documents.
  • Then enter the ‘change frequency’ option like, hourly, weekly, monthly etc, in order to inform search engines that how quickly the content on a particular page gets updated.
  • Finally fill in the details of ‘priority’ section from 0 to 1, as the number increase it shows the priority or importance of a particular page on a specific site, larger the number, higher will be the priority of the page, where default value of a page is 0.5.
  • Now press submit button.

For Seo you need to Try also one more tool smallseotools backlink maker

As soon as it is done, it will present a detailed analysis of the number of pages, broken links, XML file content and a link to the sitemap file, which you can download in the form of the XML file and upload to your site & finally list the sitemap URL in Google Webmaster account.

But I would personally recommend to download & save a copy of the xml file before uploading it to your website or Google webmaster.

XML sitemaps ensure that pages are indexed quickly and correctly, especially for new websites which have lower natural visibility.

Try it out & see its magic.


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