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Simple Free Word Counter |  Number of Word Calculator | How many Words in my Essay | Article | Content

Word counter tool helps to find the number of words used in article, Number of words used in paragraphs, Number of words used in the line. So if you want to check the number of words use InRaMS small SEO word counter tool helps to find the number of words used in article, Essay, Content.

If you are a writer and you want to count words in the document, Then every word count is a very time-consuming task. With the help of InRaMS word count tool you can easily check the number of words in the document. 

Word counter tool helps businesses, If any company create a project for articles and every article should have min 500 words, So every word count for every article is not possible, You have to try this word counter tool for counting words in the articles.

Students write essay and want to check number of words used in the essay, So this number of words calculator tool helps you to check the word count in essay. 

How to Use Small SEO Word Count Tool

In computer and machine-based telecommunications terminology, a character is a unit that count as one. So Small SEO word count tool easily count the number of words. At the end of the box you will see the number of wordsalso you will find the number of characters used in the paragraph.



Our word counter is the one of the most easy going, fastest & absolutely free tool available in online market, it counts words and characters with an amazing speed to get you value for your money.

Most of the students, bloggers & writers suffer with problem of using proper words or tackiness of their writing style, our word counter will give you a fair idea of how to deal with this problem of word limit.

While working on a project, if you keep on checking the data using our word counter, you can easily adjust your pattern of words to keep them in limit or increase the words elasticity, if you’re falling short of words.

Total no of word count is always important, even the most famous sites specially e- magazines, e- news papers or daily blogs count each & every word to bring the best out of their article & to keep them within word limit for easy, user friendly reading to get maximum likes & shares.

Hence, you can’t negate the importance of total word count & character count for successful writing career.

Our tool is especially handy for online writers who are always stuck with word limits, without which they will get busted; our online word counter counts not only the words but it also gives the no of characters included in the entered data.

To check the total no of words, just place the cursor into the empty space provided and start typing or you can copy paste the data in the text box, as soon as your work gets done go to the captcha check box, mark it & solve the puzzle, finally press the ‘check now’ button to get the result.

Word counter will throw away result in the form of total no of characters & words, while in case of characters it gives the total count of characters including spaces.

For example, “seo report tools” will be counted as 3 words & 16 characters including the 2 spaces in the sentence.

Our online word counter tool totally respects your privacy, as it will keep your data safe & as soon as you leave the site, data will be removed without keeping any copy of your data.

Without further ado, have a go at it!

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