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Website Screenshot Generator tool | Full Page Screenshot Taker

Online screenshot generator tool helps to generate the screenshot of your web page. This is very easy to use tool. You have to just put your url inside the box and submit. Then you will got the screenshot of the web page. The screenshot is watermark free and you can use that anywhere on the web. With the help of InRaMS Small SEO website screenshot checker tool you can take the unlimited screenshot.


Website screenshot generator is an ultimate tool available online to sort out all your problems related to website screenshot, you can take as many one-click screenshots as required in different shapes & sizes to share with the advertisers & kick start your marketing campaign.

It’s a well known fact in online business that your business can’t grow without proper strategy to increase your market reach, no matter how strong is your content or how effective is your SEO planning, you just can’t leave alone the good old marketing part which takes you to the all new world of consumers & helps you to get new customers.

It’s the first impression of your site, which hits the eyes of random browsing users to force them to click on your marketing campaign ad & reach out to your products, it all starts with a really fancy, good looking, eye catching ad to connect with the users, and to clearly convey a message about the subject, services & products available on your website, finishing all that in one shot is not an easy task to do.

That’s where website screen shot comes into the picture, see an online blogger or website owner does lots of hard work, spends a lot of time to nurture its website along with enriching each & every corner of his website to give it a fresh & glowing look to keep users curious about it, it’s only the screenshot of a website which can give users the best idea of what your website is all about.

Nowadays screenshots are used by the webmasters as a thumbnail image which they distribute to different advertising agencies for marketing campaigns & to create an aura of their website, just like Facebook uses screenshots of different user’s home pages as a marketing strategy other marketers are also doing the same, which is the main reason webmasters & bloggers spend too much time on their websites looks and hence need of high quality website screenshot arises.

Our website screen shot generator creates instant screenshots of any website by merely accepting the URL and click of a ‘submit’ button, its high-speed results will really blow you away with only one second download time.

You can easily take the full page screenshot of the webpage, This is very easy to use tool

So, push the throttle in full speed & increase your market reach with our website screenshot generator.