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Website Link Count Checker Tool | Total Links Checker For a Website

Website link count checker tool helps you to find the detail of the links. If you are an SEO guy then you have to check your links. This tool gives you the data for your page, Internal links, external links, Total links for the page. 

Why Website Link Count Checker Tool?

Website link counter tool helps you to find the total number of links for a website. If you have done link building for your website then its very tuff task to find the total numbers of links. SO to make easy this task we made this tool called link counter tool. 

If you have a page and you want to find the total number of links for that page. Because your web page ranking goes down and you have done good link building for that page. So for analysis of link building you have to need a tool which provide you the total details of the links for that page. Try InRaMS Small SEO Link counter tool for checking the web page internal links and external links. With the help of this data, You can easily understand. Why this page is not ranking? 

Is this links problem?
Is this content problem?

Importance of Links 

If You have a website and want to rank your website into the search engine then you know the importance of links. Links are the main factor to rank a website into the search engine. If you build a link for the website then your website page crawl via that link also. It means your website crawling also improve via link building.

Links benefits for a website in following

  • Brand Building
  • Referrals traffic improvement

One more thing is if we are doing link building then we can count our build links, But We can not count how many links we earned. If we have a great piece of content that is shareable everywhere then we have to find that how many links are we earned. So with the help of InRaMS Small SEO link counter tool we can check how much links we have for that viral page. It helps you to build more viral pages. If you are getting traffic from that viral page then you want to build more viral pages. Before creating viral pages you are curious to know that how much link earned by that page. So You can also say that this is the tool for counting earned links for a web page.



There are various factors on a webpage which decide the total amount of traffic the site is gonna receive, although organic traffic will stay on your page only if it truly loves your content but there are many other points to keep in mind while nurturing your webpage.

Different types of external as well as internal links are a great source of traffic for any website as one perfect backlink from a right website at the right time can simply double your no of visitors with increase in the no of subscribers along with some potential customers interested in buying your services or product, it seems like a great deal to exchange links with an external site but too many of them is not good for health of your website as the train which brought them in will take them away to other websites.

On one hand internal links are like goldust who keep your visitors engaged & increase total no of visitors to different pages of your website, while external links are simply game changers if used with precaution, hence its better to ensure a good amount of ratio between the total no of internal & external links.

We have introduced this tool with a purpose to help you in finding the total number of links present on any page of your website plus you can also check the total no of internal as well as external links separately, which in turn will guide you in planning your strategy to improve your websites overall analytical & structural theme.

Our link count checker is one of the best tools, not only to count the total no of links but also to have a sneak into your competitor’s game plan to make a step by step comparison in order to get rid of your SEO errors, it’s a two step easy to use tool with not much of complexity, simply enter your URL into the box provided, press submit & find out which of your links are eating your precious traffic.

Some external links really deserve to be there but rest of the craps should be immediately removed as our tool will give you the exact no of links installed at your webpage without any margin of error.