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 Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator tool

User experience is the most important part for a website, For example If you have an e-commerce website and user experience of the website is not good then it affect on sales. Your daily product sale will go down due to bad user experience. So for better performance of a website you should check your user experience also. When a web page is goes live you should check it with different pixels. With the help of InRaMS screen simulator tool you can check your website pages. If you find any issue like button size is not perfect and main call to action button is not properly looking in different resolutions then you can change and update the webpage. 

In recent survey we found that if a website is having good user experience then its product sales will up by 32%. That is a very blog number. For improving user experience we have to check our web pages with Screen simulator tool.

InRaMS web page screen simulator tool is very easy to use tool. You have to just submit your web page anbd click on screen size then submit. Instantly a the screen will show the exact user experience in front of you. So by seeing the web page you can easily find the issues. After that you can fix then and re check with this tool.


Do you believe in love at first sight, well this funda is somehow connected with online business where first impression of a website is the last impression, sometimes user bounce back just after watching an ugly home page without having a look at, what the website has to offer, without proper adjustment of webpage resolution your site can not become a winner in comparison of other websites who spend a lot of time and money to get the right posture for their site.

Reportedly, almost 70% of the total internet users nowadays are mobile wizards out of which 80% are teenage who don’t even go to bathroom without their Smartphone, almost all the giants of the online or social media industry know the importance of being mobile friendly that’s why FB, Twitter & Instagram launched their mobile apps long time back & they keep on throwing latest updates every now & then.

All in all, it’s really very important to have a perfect screen resolution for all types of visitors, whether they use mobile or reach through PC or Tablet. To solve this problem you have to regularly check the screen resolution of your website.

With our ‘Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator’, you can find the best & most relevant size for your webpage according to you needs, our tool will help you to check out the resolution of your website for different sizes from as small as 160*160 to a jumbo size of 1600*1200.

It’s a highly sensitive, easy to use tool with extra ordinary ability to present your webpage in different resolutions so that you can understand the pros & cons of your domain, based on which you can make necessary changes to your website.

To start with this tool, enter the desired URL (URL should be like smallseotools.inramstechnology.com  in the empty box provided, select the desired resolution & it will pop up a window in the selected resolution as soon as you press submit.

That was one of the many reasons why it is one of the leading online tool in this field & a hotcake in the market.

Its simply WOWSOME….Try it now!