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About Server Status Checker

Bulk Website Server status checker tool | Bulk URLs Server status checker

InRaMS website server status checker tool helps us to find the server status of the web page. This tool helps us to find
the HTTP code of the web page. With response time and status of the website. The status of the web page is online or

Bulk website server status checker tool. with the help of this tool, we can check bulk URLs.

Easy to use - This is very easy to use the tool. You have to just put your URLs into the box and click on the submit button,
Instantly you will find the status of the URLs, With the response time of each URL and server code of the website.

Why we use Server status tool?

This tool helps us to find the status of the website. Every webmaster wants to know the status of their website and URLs.
Because they want their website up every time.



You must have heard the phrase “Time Is Money” It's proved to be 100% correct especially in the case of online business, cause here everything depends upon smooth running of a website 24*7, a few hours of break down can ruin almost everything and will make your visitors & potential customers go away.

Reportedly, a few years back a few hours of the shutdown of Facebook cost them millions of dollars, if you don’t wanna go through something like that then keep it running.

Hence, it's very important to always stay alert & check your site status on regular intervals to ensure that your site is alive & kicking, your website is your bread earner so you can’t afford to lose it for a second, other than that to run a great online business it's your moral duty to solve the grievances of your customers.

To solve this all important problem, we have launched this tremendous tool namely ‘Server Status Checker’, to help you out in keeping your site a user-friendly happy go site, with this tool you can check the status of your website whether its online or offline , almost anytime.

If your site goes offline it means nobody will be able to login or visit your site, which in turn will result in loss of traffic to your site, and probably you will lose out on some all important customers & even future collaborations.

Another benefit of this tool is to maintain the viewer’s traffic on a website. A website offline status means, the visitor can’t access the website and as a result, the visitor will switch to another website, thus it directly reduces your website's traffic. You can use this tool to check the status of a website and whenever you find the status ‘offline’ immediate action can be taken to make it online again. This will be beneficial for both the website owner and the visitors as they can easily access the website without any issue which will maintain the viewer’s traffic on the website.

Server status checker is a really user friendly, easy to use tool, where you can check the status of 10 websites at a time, without any problem, just enter the web address of sites in separate lines & press submit to check your status either online or offline with proper coding like 200 for good, 301 for permanent relocation or 404 for site not found.

Just use our tool to enjoy a hustle free smooth ride.