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Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool

Reverse IP domain checker tool helps to find the IP address of the domain, If your website is running on  shared hosting then this tool find the list of websites those are running on same shared hosting. So this helps you to check other websites those are running on your shared IP address. You can review those websites quality. If someone from them is not good quality then It will harm your website also. So either you can change your hosting service or you can purchase a dedicated hosting that IP only host your website. Dedicated website hosting improve website page load time and also improve the ranking of the website. So if your website keyword ranking improve then your website traffic also improved.

So this is very useful tool for webmasters. This is very easy to use tool. You have to just put your website domain into the box and submit. After that tool will gives you the list of websites those are running on same IP address and also provide the IP address.