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Bulk redirect Checker tool for URLs | Domain redirect Tool

With the help of InRaMS redirect checker tool you can check your website redirect status. This tool helps you to find page
redirect whether it is good or it has 301 redirects. Or 302 redirect.

InRaMS redirect checker tool is very easy to use. You have to just put your URL in the box and submit. Instantly you will
find the result of your Url. Status of the redirect.

Website redirect is the automatic task. With the help of redirect, you can send your user to another page or domain.

Many webmasters lose out on valuable search engine traffic due to incorrectly configured redirects. It is very important that a search engine spider crawling through your website is able to follow any redirects you have set up. For proper setup of your crawler, you have to check your website server status. We at InRaMS helps you to find the server status.

Website redirect checking is the important task for SEO. We at Small SEO Tools help with lot of tools, But this tool helps to find the web page redirect. Sometime developer link the wrong URL for the page then we have to redirect that page to right page because of search engine index that page. For removing not found pages we have set redirection for the pages.

This tool is very fast and easy to use. With the help of this tool, you can check your website redirect easily. The tool gives the data for 301 and 302 redirect.
First of all, For us it's very important to know that the page is redirected or not. When this is the case, you like to know the destination URL and the HTTP status code used for the redirect.

Reasons to find the redirect.

This URL is redirected to the right destination URL. Means Url should be redirected to the right page. If not that is a big problem.
The right status code is used for the redirect.
Permanent redirect = 301 (will pass authority)
Temporary redirect = 302 (won’t pass authority)

Why Small SEO bulk Redirect  (301 Redirect or 302 Redirect)Checker tool

With the help of this tool, you can easily find the website server status. You have to submit your website URL into the box and instantly you will find the result of URL server status.

Benefits of URL redirects

  • Consolidate the two version of your website Url (With www and without www site)
  • Users landing experience improvement (404 pages redirect to similar pages those are acceptable)
  • Old domain redirects to the new domain for proper market the website.
  • If you have two similar pages then for removing duplicity of the pages one should redirect to the second one.

Which Redirect is best?

Server side URL is best for SEO purpose, It is fast easy to handle. It is cached by browser also.

InRaMS Smallseotool Bulk redirect checker helps to find the redirects in less time.



WWW redirect checker is a fast & easy tool to redirect your website users from one URL to another in no time without having any coding skills. It’s really important to understand the use of URL redirects & use it properly cause if you don’t your website will be in some real shit, Google, Yahoo, Bing no one will visit your site.

You will work your ass out day & night to create some really mind boggling content but search engines won’t give a damn because if you’ve shifted your URL from one domain to another or recently bought a new domain, then you won’t get listed in search engines automatically, along with that you also need to redirect your domain to its new URL.

Reportedly, various well-established sites lose a considerate amount of traffic while redirecting their site’s URL due to incorrect configuration of redirect.

For finding the address of a website it is extremely important that Google bots are able to locate your web content, which is not possible without following the guidelines like 301 or 302 redirect.

Let’s say you have a website http://www.abc.com & you redirected it to another location of URL http://www.def.com, browser should be automatically redirected to http://www.def.com whenever a user opens the previous link www.abc.com, but here is the thing if search engine is unable to open the redirect correctly it will consider your site as a blank page with no content, all your hard work will be in vain as you’ll end up getting really bad ranking in search engines priority list.

This tool will help you in a very easy manner to check out whether your site is carrying any HTTP redirect or not, if yes it will also inform about the redirect type with codes like 301 or 302.

To use our hot cake tool, start by placing the URL (which you wanna check for redirect) in the empty box & press the green button of “check” to find the desired results.

This WWW Redirect Checker tool will go through a wide range of security checks like:

  • · Different User Agents like
    · Desktop-Browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox,...)
    · Mobile Devices (IPad, Iphone, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle, Nokia...
    · Search Engine Bots (GoogleBot, Google Mobile Bot, Yandex, BingBot, Baidu, Yahoo Slurp, Naver,...
  • · checking 302 and 301 redirects
  • · supports & checks https redirects
  • · checks meta refresh redirects
  • · analysis of common javascript redirects
  • · checks redirect chains
  • · check http headers like Status Code, X-Robots-Tag, Rel Canonical Header Tag "Link:"

Our www redirect checker will tell you exactly if a URL / Page is redirected or not. If the case is found positive then the redirect tool will display the HTTP status code and the destination URL with the status good or bad.

It would be a great experience to find an awesome partner to solve all your redirect problems & believe me you can bank on it.

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bulk redirect checker - Bulk redirect checker tool helps to find the redirection of the site. This is very good tool for SEO guys.
bulk 301 redirect checker - 301 redirect is the permanent redirect. If you do not want any page then you have to 301 redirect that page to relevant page.
URL redirection checker  - Url redirection is very common for sites, So if you want to check URL redirection for the site then use this tool for url redirection.
301 redirect checker tool -  Above we have explained that 301 redirect is the permanent redirect.
bulk HTTP status checker - This tool helps in HTTP status checking.
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