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Page Speed Checker tool | Page Speed Insight Tool

Page speed checker tool gives you the data about page speed. This is the very important metrics for the website because if your website page speed score is high then your website ranking goes down. So we have to check our website page speed. Means every page speed. With the help of InRaMS Page speed checker tool, you can find the list of elements with their time to take loading. So with the help of this data, we can easily find which one slow our web pages. For example, if an image is taking too much time to load then we can replace the image and improve the page speed. When we improve our page speed than our website keywords ranking also improve. 

How to Use Small SEO Page Speed Checker Tool 

Google suggest that if you improve your website page speed then your website organic traffic will be improved. With the help of InRaMS small seo page speed checker tool, you can easily check your web page speed. If speed is not good then improve the speed.

This tool gives the following data

  • Time taken to load a page.
  • CSS links
  • Image links
  • Script links

These metrics will gives you the clear picture of the webs page speed. You can improve your web page speed via optimizing these metrics. So be optimized your web page and improve your page speed. Result of this is organic traffic improved.

Page Speed Checker tool is important for seo, If you need to improve your search traffic then you have to improve your site page speed score.

Benefits of Page Speed checker tool

1- Easily find the page speed, So you can check the every page speed of your website.
2- How much time taken by CSS links, So you can analyze this data easily.
3- Images data - This is the most important metric, You can check your website images load time here. Most of the website load time high due to images. So this tool helps you to find the images load time.
4- This tool helps you to find the scripts load time.If our script is having high load time we can optimize it. But we have to check it with InRaMS page speed checker tool.
5- And the final result of page speed checker tool is other resources page speed. This data helps us to find where we are holding. 

Final thought on Page speed checker tool is we find everything here. So this page speed checker tool helps us to improve our page speed in specific reason and also improve the quality of the website. Indirectly this helps us to improve our keyword ranking and traffic of the website.



Owning a website sometimes can be a big headache if your webpage takes way too long to open up, today’s generation is totally IDHP - “I DON’T HAVE PATIENT”, so they roll back within a second or so if your site doesn’t show up quickly, there are various reasons for slow speed of your webpage, it can be due to any of the following reasons

  • Too big size of your site.
  • Unknown malicious widgets or virus.
  • Spammy links.
  • Using way too many links.

To understand the exact cause of this problem you’ll need a detailed analysis of your website, that’s where our Page Speed Checker helps you out, with this tool you can find the good, the bad, & the ugly about your website.

Page speed checker offers a really cost-effective & totally reliable performance check of your website, it crawls down your site and find out each & every link present in there to find the best results possible in no time, it will check the time taken by the site to open up along with total no of links present on your site, not only that it also covers different types of links like CSS links, scripts links, image links & other external links with full URL of those links.

With Page Speed Checker, keeping an eye on your page is like a piece of cake with which you can modify your website’s uptime, performance & way of interaction for a better end-user-experience. Your customers are gonna love it.

It’s really a child play when it comes to operating our tool, its so easy even a 5th grader can do it, just enter the URL in the space provided & press enter, it will run a totally free of cost website speed test from different locations through out the globe using real browsers at real connection speeds, as soon as you run the test cutting edge results will be thrown at your screen carrying all the details.

It can be really handy to compare your website with competitors in order to take a leap ahead of them, you can check what kind of links & images are they using along with their source so that you can catch up with their service providers as well.

Hands down, this all in one tool is a must use & recommend by many…Go ahead & use it to stay ahead.

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