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Page size checker tool helps to find the size of the page. It gives the data in Bytes and KB, For a page size should be in between 20 -30 KB. If you are using images on the web page then page size will go high. If size go high then ranking of the page lose. So for improving ranking of the web page you optimize your code and improve page load time. If images are mandatory for a page then you have to improve your website hosting plan.

With the help of page size checker tool we find the size of the tool and improve ranking of the keywords of that page. 


While browsing online, your visitors suffer from different kinds of problems, most common among them is slow loading of a webpage which can be really annoying sometimes, SEO & online marketers always remain worried about this problem, that’s why they eventually opt out for really costly website hostings.

Another part of this problem is the size of different pages on a website which you have to look after to sort out the overall delay in your websites loading time.

To help you out with this problem we have launched a brand new easy to use tool called “Page Size Checker” so that you don’t have any trouble in finding the perfect page size for your web page, which can do wonders for your site.

It is an extremely powerful tool to check out the total size of a website and to find out the perfect size of your site, If a site is loading fast without any delay it means its a user friendly site free from all kinds of adobe player, flash player & pop up ads while those who take too much of time in loading are full of crappy widgets.

And you know it very well that in this era of fast internet connections of 3G & 4G, a slow loading site can really annoy your visitors & they won’t be able to control their fingers to press the ‘back’ or ’exit’ button.

A normal fast loading site without much images, videos & other media should be of size 12KB, remember the more funky stuff on your site, larger will be the time taken by your site to load, large number of widgets slow down the performance & speed of a website hence it its extremely important to follow the rules of SEO to improve the quality as well as quantity of the content on your site.

Our page size checker is a fast, reliable & easy to use tool which brings bullet speed results & that too free of cost, to start things off simply paste full URL in empty box provided press submit button & results will appear on screen in seconds.

To avoid those creepy unnecessary gadgets & overload of bulky flash players, images and videos our tool is your ultimate friend.

What are you waiting for….JUST GO FOR IT!