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Bulk Page Authority Checker tool

Page Authority is a score with maximum 100 points, developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engines. It is based on the data that includes link counts and dozens of other factors. If a page is having good links the content of the page relevant to the page. Then its page authority will be good. We need to do good link building (In terms of internal links and external links).

Page authority checker tool helps SEO persons for analysis of the pages, with this tool you can check page authority in bulk.

This tool will let you bulk check, a list of URL’s for Page Authority (PA). Simply enter your list of URL’s into the text area below and click go fetch. Then a table will appear below with the data in it. That table shows you the page authority data for each page. This is very simple and easy to use tool. With the help of this tool we can compare the list of urls with their page authority. How I explain- The table which is appear after the submit button, Have the list of URLs with their page authority data. 

Page Authority is count on following factors.

1- Age 
2- Number of outbound link from the page.
3- Number of incoming links of the page.
4- Content of the page.
5- Quality of design of the page.
6- Bounce rate of the page.

These all are SEO factors as well. If our page authority is good then you will see that ranking of that page is also improved. SO always try to build a good page instead of building lot of low-quality pages.

Tips to Improve page authority.

SEO Should be ProPer for the Web Page - Proper Meta tags and heading tags are placed on the web page. Url structure should be seo friendly. 

High-Quality Content -For a page, If you want to improve page authority then the first step is high-quality content. Research and prepare the high-quality content for the web page. High quality and unique content improve the page authority of the website.

High-quality backlink - For improving page authority we need to build the quality backlink. High-quality backlink improve the page authority of the website.

Good internal linking of the website - Internal linking of the website should be proper. If you have done good internal linking for the web page. you will see the increase in page authority. 

Social Media Engagement - Frequently update on social media improve the page authority of the website. If your web pages updates in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ frequently then the page authority of the webpage will be improved.

Bulk Page Authority checker tool improve SEO ranking of the site, If any page is having low page authority then via above techniques you can improve the page authority 



Page authority checker is a great tool to find the performance of a particular webpage as it checks your page rankings in Google search results, it analyzes your page based on different factors like the content, plagiarism, SEO friendliness, links, load of graphics etc to find the best results for you, just like domain authority is responsible for the reputation of your full domain, similarly page authority gives a fair idea about a webpage.

When you work as a blogger or website owner, your ultimate goal is to get huge amount of traffic for your website with tons of likes on Facebook, thousands of retweets on Twitter & lots of love from your Instagram followers, but that isn’t the case for all your webpages, some are soldout winners while others don’t give you a penny, this is the best part of using our page authority checker as it tells you the status of different webpages in accordance with SEO rules & meta description, which in turn allows you to make quick changes in the HTML configuration of your webpage.

Due to really high level of competition in online market, its almost mandatory to use each & every method in the cheat sheet to stay alive, that’s why with our tool you can also check the page authority of your competitor’s webpages to see the difference between the leader & the follower, to find out what’s wrong with your webpage, & why its not performing as per the expectations.

Using our tool is as easy as stealing a candy from a kid, just put the URL of the desired webpage in the space provided & press submit, it will scan that webpage from top to bottom to see where it stand in Google rankings, it will present the result in a table along with its status.

A big relief which our tool provides is that you can see the status of as many as 100 URLs at a time provided entered in separate lines, our Page authority checker tool witnesses daily visits by many top bloggers & famous marketers to check their webpage status….Now its your turn to be famous, Go for it now!