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About Online Ping Website Tool

Online Ping Website Tool


Online ping website tool is a great tool which alerts Google bots to index your website as soon as its updated.

It’s a fact that in online business, we all work hard day & night to grab the attention of potential consumers to bring some more traffic to our site or to sell your products & services. It happens a lot that on one fine day your page will get thousands of visits with hundreds of likes & tons of comments inquiring about your product while your very next post hardly gets response from a single customer.

So, how does it happen that for same site with same URL, why so many ups & downs, it’s because of inability of search engines to identify any changes in your webpage since their last visit.

That’s why we have launched a tool called ONLINE PING WEBSITE TOOL, to personally invite the search engines to visit your site whenever you make any changes to your page or update the data on a particular URL.

Just enter your website URL in the format of ““ and select the category of your site whether it’s a marketing site or a fitness blog, fill out the captcha & finally click on the submit button to get things done.

It will bring the user a list of total no of search engines pinged personally to check out your site for further updates, mostly it includes Google search engines from different regions of the world.

It’s a one time job, as soon as you create a new article, weekly or monthly, our online ping website tool will immediately wake up the search engines & ring the bell at Google bots’ door to crawl down your website & update the users, searching for content on similar topics.

It may happen that you wrongly enter a category less likely to get attention of Google bots as compared to other attractive topics on your site, which can distract the bots from the main content, so make sure that you enter the most alluring category in the online ping website tool to ensure some quality traffic from around the world.

For example, if the content on your ‘cute puppies’ page is getting response greater than your ‘vintage cars’ page, then you should know “cute puppies” will do the trick.

So, sit back, relax & enjoy the magic of our world class online ping website tool.