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My IP Address tool | What is IP address

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer)
participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication is called as ip address. Every
device has its unique ip address. So if you want to check your IP address then check with InRaMS Ip address checker tool.

What this tool gives us?

What is my Ip address tool gives us the data about my IP. If we want to find our ip address then Check out the InRaMS what
is my IP address tool.This tool gives you instantly your IP address. With the following information

  • Tool gives your city name.
  • Gives you your region.
  • IP address checker tool gives you country name.
  • Your ISP name.
  • Your latitude
  • Your longitude

With the help of this ip checker you will find the above information also.


First of all, we must understand the role of IP address to work on it, it’s a unique number used to identify the location of online devices & get the precise location of a computer. In simple words, you can say it provides the physical location of the computer from where it is operating, it’s a virtual address which brings you to the real address of the online user.

Our SEO friends, online businessmen & eCommerce personnel must be totally aware of the importance of IP address as they regularly keep eye on the location of bulk traffic and accordingly plan their strategy for next business move.

As soon as you start as an online SEO, IP address is the first thing you should be worry about cause it will help you to get loads of high-quality traffic, but how to check the IP address is a major concern with various lousy tools out there.

Our My IP Address tool is the most easy & user-friendly tool to gather info about the traffic source or any particular PC, all you have to do is simply catch up with My IP address tool & press on “My IP Address”, it will give you all the data in detail like

  • Your IP address.
  • Country of residence.
  • Your region along with your city.
  • Code of the country.
  • It will tell even your service provider name.
  • Finally latitude & longitude.

That much info in just one click……isn’t it awesome.

You must be wondering why do we need this much detailed info, well this tool has been created with lots of thinking behind it, in previous year there were a lot of cases of hacking attacks on different websites, specially finance & e-commerce domains.

Cyber security cells were able to trace them only with the help of extremely hi-fi IP checker tools, without My IP address checker it isn’t possible for most of the online businesses to survive be it a blog, e-commerce site or e-newspaper.

Use our tool to quickly find your IP address, which is helpful for a variety of purposes including (but not limited to):

• Tech support
• Online gaming
• Remote desktop applications
• Detecting Proxies

Come into the world of IP with our best ever tool & lead your way.

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