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Website worth Checker | Link Price Calculator

With the help of InRaMS website worth checker tool we can find the value of the website. If you want to buy a website and want to check the estimate of the website. Then InRaMS website worth checker tool helps us to calculate the value of the website. This is very easy tool you have to just submit your link and tool will gives you the data in dollar. This is not the exact price but it can help you to find the estimate of the website. We also write it Link price calculator tool.

Why we need this tool

For the webmasters this tool helps them to improve the quality of the website. Suppose you started your website and worked on it. After some time you want to check that your website is improving or not. You have to submit it in Website worth checker tool and you will got the data in dollars.



Links are the backbone of any website especially those received from the advertisers, yeah its true that the content can totally make or break things but without sponsored links you won’t be able to run your website smoothly & maintain its expenses. However, it’s the content which attracts an advertiser to have a look at your site & probably go for advertisement collaboration.

As soon as you get success to maintain enough consistent traffic at our website, you anxiously start to search for advertisement partners who might be interested to shake hands with you by placing their links & banners at your site for some monthly rent, it may felt a bit cheesy but their exist various factors based on which you can evaluate the exact amount of monthly rent to charge, for putting an advertisement on your website like

· Speed of your website

· Total no of daily visitors

· SEO Friendly arrangements

· Content is the King

Based on all these factors advertisers pay for advertising on your website, in most cases they underpay the website owners or bloggers because of the lack of awareness of website owners about the amount of rent based on the quality of their site.

That’s why we launched this all important simple yet powerful tool “Link Price Calculator” to provide ultimate solution of this problem, with this tool you can find the exact rent amount for advertising on your website while making a deal with advertising agency, to get value for your money.

It a really cool, easy to use tool which does all the hard work for you and shows the real worth of your site in few simple steps

· Enter the URL of the site which you want to check

· URL should be in full as

· Press submit.

Immediately it will come in action to crawl down a list of hundreds of different website traffic & SEO parameters to reach to the expected value of your site’s monthly rent. Unlike other online tools it offers a special feature of checking 100 websites at a time, each site entered in different line.

Link Price Calculator creates a win-win situation for both the publisher as well as the advertiser, that’s why market leaders come here everyday to check out their worth …ITS YOUR TURN NOW.