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Free Smallseotools Link Analyzer tool

Free link analyzer tool helps you to analyze the link of the website. This is very nice tool and we recommend that every SEO person should use this tool. This tool analyze the links in the following ways,

  • Tools give you the number of internal links
  • Number of external links
  • Total number of do follow links
  • Total number of Nofollow links of the website.

When an SEO person starts analysis the links he/she should know the how many links of the website do follow and how many links of the website is no follow. This is excellent tool for analyzing the links.

Why we need link Analyze tool?

Link analyze tool helps us to improve our link quality. If we improve our link quality then our website google ranking
will be improved. The result of this ranking is our website organic search traffic will be improved. 

For example if we analyze our web page links and found 400 links for that page out of 400 links we found that 370 links
are Nofollow, So this tool gives us the data about nofollow and do follow links. If we found that our most of the links
are Nofollow then we can say that our ranking is not improved due to Nofollow links. When you are building links for a
website you should check no follow and do follow links status. If we got a Nofollow link from a good website then we would
be happy from that. If website is not good and links is not follow link then we have to worried about it and we should
improve our link building strategy. So link analysis is also important as link building.



Link analyzer is a highly sensitive tool, which catches even the weakest of links in your sites URL, anchor text along with the details of no follow information for each & every link.

As preferred by the Google bots, quality backlinks are the lifeline of any web site for surviving in this highly competitive online market, crappy backlinks are like plague & they are not gonna help at all, you need some extraordinary backlinks not only internal links but also external links, that too from some really high quality websites to keep your site going.

Our Link Analyzer Tool breaks down both the internal as well as external links for any URL on any site or multiple sites, without putting burden of a single penny on your pocket.

Difference Between Internal Links and External Links

An internal link connects one page on your site to another on the same domain. For example, with the help of an internal link you can crawl down between different pages like home page, complaint page, email, blog post, etc. Links pointing only inside the same domain (your website) not leaving to any outside website is called an internal link.

External links are the links present on your website which redirect to some outer domain. For example, a link leading to another website from your page would be considered as an external link.

However, external links are helpful to create visibility of your website around the net but too many of them can blow away everything, as they will take your visitors out of your domain, so remember internal links are your best friends to create more & more engagement.

With the help of our link Analysis tool you can check the total no of internal as well as external links, which in the end plays a crucial role to get an idea of the ratio between internal & external links, so that you can edit & adjust them to get the desired results.

This tool tells about the websites having links connecting to your site or having backlinks to direct traffic to your site, as it provides information on the anchor text being used, as well as no follow tags which can impact the strength of a backlink.

The link analyzer tool checks:

  • The total number of links present on any page.
  • The number of all the external as well as internal links. (subdomains links are counted as internal links)
  • Each link will be shown separately with full URL address.
  • The do follow or no follow permissions will also be indicated for the link.
  • The link type (Internal link / external link), in separate boxes.
  • Doesn’t count Duplicate links.
  • Empty anchor links will remain untouched.
  • The number of no-follow links.

So, try it out & work like a pro.


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