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Free Smallseotools Link Analyzer tool

Free link analyzer tool helps you to analyze the link of the website. This is very nice tool and we recommend that every SEO person should use this tool. This tool analyze the links in the following ways,

  • Tools give you the number of internal links
  • Number of external links
  • Total number of do follow links
  • Total number of Nofollow links of the website.

When an SEO person starts analysis the links he/she should know the how many links of the website do follow and how many links of the website is no follow. This is excellent tool for analyzing the links.

Why we need link Analyze tool?

Link analyze tool helps us to improve our link quality. If we improve our link quality then our website google ranking
will be improved. The result of this ranking is our website organic search traffic will be improved. 

For example if we analyze our web page links and found 400 links for that page out of 400 links we found that 370 links
are Nofollow, So this tool gives us the data about nofollow and do follow links. If we found that our most of the links
are Nofollow then we can say that our ranking is not improved due to Nofollow links. When you are building links for a
website you should check no follow and do follow links status. If we got a Nofollow link from a good website then we would
be happy from that. If website is not good and links is not follow link then we have to worried about it and we should
improve our link building strategy. So link analysis is also important as link building.

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