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What is keyword density?

Keyword density is the percentage of keywords on the page. Or you can say number of times keyword used on the page divided
by total number od words on the page. For example - If you have a page with 1000 words and the keyword used on the page is
20 times, So the keyword density on the page is 2%. According SEO guru and analysis via them good Keyword density is 2- 3%
for main keyword and for secondry keyword the keyword density should be 1- 2%.

Why we use keyword density?

keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword

Keyword density checker tool gives us the data about the page with its keyword. This is very nice tool I love this tool
because this tool gives the data about the page with all keywords with their density you do not have to put your specific
keywords every time in the search box. This tool gives you the data of all keywords those are used in the article with the
keywords density. This is the best tool for finding the bulk keywords density from a single article. So I recommend this
tool because of its nature. The nature is find keyword density for bulk keywords from a single article.

This tool also gives you the data about number of words used in the article with number of keywords used in
the article and gives you the data about how many times a keyword used in the article. It means keywords count and the
second column gives the data about keyword density. Excellent tool to find the keyword density.

So after used this tool you find that what keyword you have to used more time and what type of keyword density you have to
reduce from the article. By using this tool we improve our article and page content. Because most of the time if keyword
density is not correct that doesn't look good. By using this tool we balance our keyword density. Awesome tool for finding
 keyword density. 

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