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About Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker tool

Google malware checker tool helps us to find that whether Google has listed the website domain as suspicious or not. The
Google malware scanner provides the security advisory to protect website visitors from harmful websites. This scanning is
very useful. When you have a doubt about the website. So you have to check it frist with Google malware checker tool. This
check helps you in safe browsing. 

Why to check website for malware?

We have to audit our website from malware because it is very important to know the status of the website in terms of
malware and other health checkup. When we done, our development then some files may infected. So we have to replace them.
InRaMS malware checker tool helps to check the malware in the website.

This tool is very easy to use and gives you the instant result about the website. You have to insert the URL into the box
and click on submit button. Once you submit the website then whole result of the website is in front of you. You can check
the whole result easily. So always keep on eye on malware and frequently check your website malware with InRaMS malware
checker tool.



Google Malware Checker is one great online tool to find out whether your blog or site has been blacklisted by Google as a suspicious website domain or not. The whole & soul purpose of the Google malware checker is to protect users from various harmful websites to make online market & internet, a user friendly & safe place.

Almost all the webmasters from big sites to newbie use Google malware checker to ensure that website is not infected or wrongly blacklisted.

It’s a simple one step process to use Google Malware Checker, simply put your website URL in the space provided & it will crawl down whole web in a snap to check for any fraud activity, it will create a report about your site in an orderly manner with all kinds of fraud & malware activity related info enclosed.

On completing the URL of the site, you will be redirected to the Google' Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page, a report for the last 3 months will be produced as the Google bots keep on crawling the websites for suspicious activity quarterly in an year, you can check back again for next three months.

Some times website gets de-indexed from Google or other search engines because of some online issues going on with it and you shouldn’t be surprised if its found out to be a Malware attack.

Hence, its highly recommended to use our Malware Checker Tool every once in a while may be in a week or so to stay up to date about the status of your website & take precautionary measures to keep it safe from any kind of fraud, stealing of data, viruses, or phishing activity.

Google malware checker will also help you to check for any malicious activity on a site created by hackers to steal your precious information & ensure that you stay out of trouble, this free tool is your ultimate partner to keep you safe & find whether Google has listed your website domain as suspicious or not.

Google Malware Checker online tool keeps your website visitors always safe from infected websites, as these sites can create problem for customers in the form of financial cheating and destruction of property, furthermore, it will affect your website’s reputation big time & your sky rocketed website will get crashed into the ditch of crappy sites & your customers will jump shamelessly to other websites in no time.

Make your game safer & stronger than ever before with our fantastic tool….try now!