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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker tool | Website Cache Checker Tool

Google cache checker tool helps to find the last cache of the website. If you want to check you web page cache then check with InRaMS cache checker tool. This tool gives us the date of the last cache. This is the best website cache checker tool.

Why we need the cache checker tool?

We need cache for the page for our web page status. When we change our web page then we want result of the page. But the result takes some to show. The result is take time because Google cache take time. So for finding what page version Google had.

Before indexing the page, Google cache the page. First cache the page then index the page. 

Google takes a snapshot of each page of your website and it examines and caches (stores) that version as a back-up. The cached version is what Google uses to judge if a page is a good match for your query. Means When a user search a query into the Google then search engine related the query with cached version of the websites. If user query matches with cached version then Google shows the web page in the search result.

So with the help of InRaMS small SEO cache checker tool you can check the cache of your web page. Cache is very important metrics because if you have done some changes into your web page then user search the query into Google and He/She didn't find your web page then you have to check your website web page cache. Maybe the reason is web page is not cached. So you have to wait for some time until the web page is cached.



Google Cache Checker is an ultimate tool to find out whether your website is cached by Google or not, if yes then it will tell you the date, month with exact time of caching, actually cache is the process of saving documents temporarily by Google bots in order to provide more user friendly service to the random Google users worldwide but overload of caching can affect associated website server making it slow like a Snail as caching saves lots of images, coding etc which reduces bandwidth usage, hence putting bulk load on your server.

Most commonly used Cache services are Jpcache & Quickcache, which store copy of documents & send the data automatically to the user on the fulfillment of certain conditions.

It can be really painful for the SEOs & webmasters if your extraordinary website filled with awesome content doesn’t get the recognition which it deserves, it can dishearten you big time & might also force you to leave blogging but if you can find the reasons behind this fiasco you can pull this one out completely

Most common thing is to ensure that people get to know about the latest updates on your website which can be done with a little bit of help of the big boss Google, so to find whether Google noticed your latest modification, you can use our tool to check the exact date & time of caching of your website.  

Every time Google bots visit your site & witness something new or updated content they save a copy of it, won’t it be really helpful if you have a tool which tells you the status of caching of your website, whenever you put a really mindboggling content in it, well that’s the last time you thought about it cause our incredible tool does exactly the same, at a speed of a tracer bullet.

If you write an article with article rewriter or Article Paraphrasing Tool, Then article will be deleted due to some reason and you want to recover that article then website cache checker tool is best option to recover the page.

It’s one extremely easy to use tool with superfast results that too in a perfect order, which can be used by simply putting the URL into the box provided & press submit, if that’s not enough you’ll be shocked to know that it allows you to check the status of a maximum of 20 URLs at a time…..its simply Awesome.

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