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Domain Age Checker tool

Check your domain age with the help of InRaMS domain age checker tool. Domain age is the important factor for a website. If your website is old then mostly websites are good in quality and have high number of pages. So every SEO and webmaster want to see the age of the domain. So for finding domain age you can use the InRaMS domain age checker tool.

Why the domain age checking is important?

Domain age checking is important because most of the time some business man want to purchase the domain from other
resources. Domain age helps increase the website price. If the domain is old then it will be high-value domain. So most of
the businessman want to purchase old domain.

InRaMS domain name checker tool gives you domain age data very easily. You have to just paste your URL into the box and
then submit instantly you will get the result of domain age, When was domain created when the domain is updated. So these
metrics helps to webmaster a lot for example you check the when you have to renew your domain name. So keep checking your
domain age with help of InRaMS domain age checker tool