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About Dmoz Listing Checker

Bulk Dmoz Listing Checker tool

Dmoz is the open directory site, This tool helps you to check your Dmoz listing. If your website is list into Dmoz then you will got the result like you listed there with Url and if your website is not listed you got the result not listed.

Why we have to check Dmoz listing

Dmoz is the very strong directory website. We have to check our listing there because Google take data from Dmoz. If we are listed there then our pages getting index early. Google is the most popular search engine. For improving ranking of our keywords we have to list our website into Dmoz. If our website is listed there then we will got the good amount of traffic to our website. This is the second reason. If our website is listed into right category then we got a link from Dmoz that helps us to improve our website keywords ranking. 

I suggest every webmaster list their website into Dmoz.

Who list the website?

If you have a SEO team then ask them to list your website into Dmoz. SEO team knows the guideline for Dmoz listing.



DMOZ is a well known & the largest human-built directory created by AOL to keep record of all the high quality sites, all big search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc give additional weight to the sites listed in the DMOZ directory, and not to mention DMOZ listed sites also get higher rank in the search results.

If your site is listed in DMOZ then well & good if not, then take the call & immediately submit your site for free to DMOZ but remember approval of your request totally depends on its quality & standards followed by your site.

Our DMOZ listing checker is the free tool used by most of the leaders & top bloggers to stay ahead in clash of the titans, made with the hard work of our experts this tool is extremely easy to use with high sensitivity to check the DMOZ listing status of even the crappiest sites.

DMOZ listing checker tool generates bullet speed results to help you grow your market, it also performs bulk check with a maximum of 100 URLs at a time.

To confirm the DMOZ listing status of a domain, simply enter the complete URL in the box and press Enter, to perform a bulk check of upto 100 sites at once, enter the URL of each site in separate lines.

Results will be generated in a tabular form along with domain names & their status in separate columns, those which have been listed will be displayed with status 'Listed' and the ones which aren't listed will be displayed with status 'Not Listed'.

Don’t forget to list your site in DMOZ directory else you will lag way behind your competitors, before that first of all check out whether your site is listed in DMOZ or not.

This tool is one hell of a trick to get the best out of your blog or website, to check the status of site and also to list it in DMOZ directory, it can also be used to check other domains listed under DMOZ list by performing a DMOZ listing check.

It’s a free of cost tool which doesn’t require any registration or signup, just start up with our tool to get things working for you, It's fast, free and accurate.