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Code To Text Ratio Checker Tool

Code to text ratio checker tool helps us to find the data for code to text ratio. This data helps us to find our web page code to text percentage. Now the next question is why we need this data? Most of the search engine take code to text ratio metrics for ranking. So if your web page code to text ratio is high then your web page ranking is good. If web page ranking is good then traffic of the website is also good. You will got the good amount of traffic.

So try to improve your web page code to text ratio. This helps you to improve your webpage ranking. Result of that is website traffic improvement.



Code to text ratio indicates the percentage distribution of text & html coding in a web page, our tool compares the text associated with different photos captions, links & off course the content to compare it with HTML coding to find the desired ratio between them, a handsome code to text ratio percentage can do wonders for you by alluring the search engines to bring in a huge amount of totally organic traffic.

Now the question arises about the use of this Code To Text Ratio, it basically helps Google, Yahoo & Bing to find your webpage while searching for similar content, higher the ratio of code to text of your webpage, larger will be the probability of getting ranked in the top page of search engines, at least few of the them will definitely find your page interesting.

In order to help you we have launched this tool to find code to text ratio of any website almost instantly, it works in a really systematic manner counting only the words & characters leaving the spaces behind & ignoring all the blank lines. 

Our Text to Code Ratio Checker will calculate the percentage of real text content without taking into account other page elements like CSS, JavaScript & HTML tags, if your site is having ample code to text ratio, for sure it will show your website status to Google with great chances of increase in total no of visitors without much of hectic marketing campaigns.

Our Text to code Ratio Checker tool is a really user friendly tool, you can use it without any special skills just paste your URL into the empty box provided & it will do superfast counting, analysis & calculation in no time to give you the result in the form of percentage ‘%’, its extremely sweet dashboard makes it easy to understand things & allows you to get results in a convenient manner.

With our Text to code Ratio Checker you can get a brief idea of how your competitors are doing with their words & accordingly you can adjust your writing style to beat them in their own game.

Our ultimate tool will get things done for you in seconds saving your precious time which is indeed need of the day, so stay with time actually run ahead of time with our ‘Text to code Ratio Checker’ tool …..TRY NOW!