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Broken Link Finder | 404 Page Not Found Checking Tool

InRaMS broken link checker tool helps you to find the broken links of your website. This is very important metrics for a website. InRaMS Small SEO Tools gives the data for each link. 

Why Broken links are important?

If you are a SEO guy and you built links for ranking. After some time your links are broken then you will loose your webpage ranking and traffic of the website. Traffic is lost due to two reasons. One reason is ranking lost and the second reason is referral traffic due link broken is lost.

Why links are broken?

If anyone put the wrong link then it will go to not found page. So broken link happened. 

If your website Urls structure is changed and you do not update your links then broken links come.

How To Use Small SEO Broken Link Checker Tool 

This is very useful and easy to use tool, With the help of the tool, you can find the internal links and external links. In internal links you got the list of links with their server status code, Like 200 ok and 404 for not found page. That you can called as broken links. This tool gives the about external links that is very useful if you earn a link and after some time that links is broken then how you find that broken link? 

With the help of InRaMS small SEO broken link finder tool you find the list of broken links.

Why Broken Links Important

  • Ranking loss due to broken links
  • Referrals traffic gone due to broken links
  • User trust gone due to broken links
  • Website lost search engine friendly website tag. 



Our broken link checker is the one  & only multipurpose free online tool which performs various checks for broken links in blink of an eye to bring the fastest results, it crawls down your website, checks each & every link along with its destination URL to find the best results.

In order to make your online business successful its extremely important that your website performs well with all the pages & links up to the mark, it’s a big factor as one broken link like its name suggest can break the link between you & your customers, it’s a real threat for your business growth & can stop you from going anywhere, it happens cause broken links create a lot of nuisance in the online market and doesn’t allow user to reach the end product or site, which can be really annoying sometimes.

Broken links also affect your search engine rankings as they make it difficult for Google bots to crawl your site properly, hence indexing becomes cheesy which in turn creates a negative impact on overall performance of your website.

Actually broken links are the same links which are supposed to work properly but some unexpected errors makes them to display 404 error message, there are various reasons causing broken links like:-

  • Due to unavailability of the website.
  • Web page itself got deleted.
  • Or there are some changes in the URL.

While trying really hard to bring your online business on top broken links can be a real hurdle in your way, the link which would have behaved like a quality backlink can totally ruin your online reputation & take away your regular visitors also leaving your site totally dead, that’s why I use to refer them as dead links.

Our tool performs various kinds of link checks while entering your URL like

  • HTML – it will check broken links
  • CSS - checks missing graphics
  • Flash – looks for missing movie files
  • RSS - broken RSS feeds
  • Script Errors – locates errors due to ASP, ASPX and PHP
  • Plus - finds configuration errors, expired domains and faulty SSL certificates

This broken links checker tool is a totally free online tool with user-friendly interface to give you quick results just by entering the URL & click of a button, nor any signup is required neither any download is needed.


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