What are Meta Tags and why are they important?

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What are Meta Tags and why are they important?

10/19/2017 12:00 AM by Albert in

What are Meta Tags and why are they important?

Meta Tags occur in website codes but are not visible to searchers. The Meta Tags are like tiny messages composed of letters and symbols that are hidden in web pages. They are quite legal and are picked up by search engines. What do the search engines learn from Meta Tags? The Meta Tags present a tiny summary of the contents of the website and specify the keywords.  

Well, Meta Tags have been around for many years and used to be considered very important because they reveal crucial information about the website to search engines. The search engines have to sift through literary millions of web pages to prepare the SERPS or search engine result pages. The first page rankings ensured that clicks would happen very frequently and revenues would definitely be raised through the sale of products or services.

Search engines not only understand whether Meta Tags, keywords and description are genuinely connected with the contents of the website. Search engines also compare websites and give the first few ranks of the ones that best answer the search query.

How did website-based businesses reach high page rankings?

Google may be using 200 factors to decide page rankings for websites. As can well be imagined, an immense struggle takes place in an effort to reach high page ranks because that means good fortune. Who will click on the second and third pages in the SERPs? The problem is that the Meta Tags facility and the keywords experienced stuffing which indicates an abuse of the system. When web crawlers and robots called bots scanned through millions of websites, they picked up the website names and addresses that best answered the search query. By repeating keywords a large number of times, the bot attention was attracted.

As a result of all that abuse, Meta Tags are no longer what they used to be. Search engines have reduced their importance because of the possibilities of manipulation. However, Meta Tags still continue and provide useful importance about the website. By meta, we mean information about the tags. By tag is meant the title and the Meta Tags speaks more about the title. The following formula shows the location of the Meta Tags and head refers to a title or heading.

<head>meta tag</head>

HTML or hypertext markup language is universally used in creating web pages along with cascading style sheets and JavaScript. Written in HTML, Meta Tags are of three types and comprise:

•    Title

•    Description

•    Keywords


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