Top 5 Reliable Free Article Rewriting Tools

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Top 5 Reliable Free Article Rewriting Tools

12/02/2017 12:00 AM by Amy in

Texted language surrounds society in every direction and millions of web pages remind of the awesome task of writing so much. Are writers so busy night and day? The answer is simply that writing is automated nowadays just like so much else like washing clothes! Those software tools online would help create different versions of a piece of writing and embellish them too with some fascinating words and sentence constructions that would attract surfers online. Keeping readers happy is the task of every writer, after all.

A variety of tasks is served in working with language with a range of software, free and paid for. The paid premium services may cost a bit, but provide ample resources and added features. Why not use some of them to improve upon written work? Besides, language gets polished and becomes more professional, catering to the likes of discerning readers online. Whether it is grammar or punctuation, checking originality and identifying plagiarism, rewriting and spotting errors, the clever software does it all.

Automation is the name of the game that has achieved so much and continues to streamline life and work, online and offline too. Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs and software helps that too. To plagiarize means to attract penalties and perhaps fines and rejections not only for professional writers but students too pursuing research. Small SEO Tools does have an effective plagiarism checker that points out what is original content and the parts that have been borrowed, indicated the source of the pilfering. All so convenient at the click of a button, isn’t it? (


Free Article Rewriting Tools online


Small SEO Tools

The large number of article rewriting tools online offer a similar facility and procedure. In the box you need to type, copy and paste or upload the content that you wish to rewrite. The task is achieved instantly when you click on the rewrite button. What you get is a version that uses synonyms of words in the original passage and changes the word order to some extent. The new version needs manual checking and editing before it is published. (


SpinBot Article Rewriter

This software works well too. An added feature is that certain words can be avoided. A captcha prevents abuse of the fully automatic online system. Use this procedure with longer articles of 6000 characters.



In this software, the synonyms and thesaurus are managed very well. A human interface makes the writing more readable.

Article rewriter tool

Get the task done rather well with this program. Rephrasing sentences and paragraphs will be effectively done.


Online paraphrase

Attractive reading content will be possible after text is entered in the box. Don’t forget to proofread the rewritten article before publication.

Each program appears different, but the results are quite the same. Some variation would exist in the quality of the rephrased article that is quite commercial since it caters to the changing online trends. It has nowadays become essential to use all the language tools available online so as to bring a professional touch to language with better chances of success.