Top 5 Free Article Paraphrasing Tool Online

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Top 5 Free Article Paraphrasing Tool Online

12/02/2017 12:00 AM by Peter in

The immense problem is the creation of meaningful and attractive content to fascinate readership online and offline purposes too. While language forms the basis of millions of pages of web content that is all paid for, lots of misuse is possible. Since time is money, a single article could have multiple versions created and passed off as originals. Is it all that easy? It seems so, if you consider the large number of paraphrasing software available online, many of them free to use. Some have both the free and paid versions as many organizations do, with greater facilities offered in the paid version.

Certain mystery surrounds the use of the several terms like editing, proofreading, paraphrasing, rewriting and spinning. We understand that they all deal with tinkering with the sentences and paragraphs, meanings and senses. To some extent, they are synonyms and allied activities to improve the nature of language or to create several versions of the same article.

Is it ethical then to churn out mechanical renderings of one original piece of writing? Who would need to use such services? Besides the commercial guys busy with publishing advertising pieces on the web, students writing assignments and research papers would find the facility very encouraging, time saving and perhaps resulting in better grades.


Most of these paraphrasing tools work on the same principles. They substitute synonyms in the sentences and make cosmetic changes only, keeping the textual meanings intact. The word ‘fast’ may be substituted by ‘quick.’


Plagiarism issues

When you create several versions of a text, it is certainly plagiarism and tracking software may reveal the truth, resulting in penalties. Try out the very good plagiarism checker for Small SEO Tools. (

Small SEO Tools

The paraphrasing facility is also offered for a vigorous rephrasing at


While a large number of free paraphrasing tools may be found online, the following five carry out the task fairly effectively.

Ant Spinner 

Everybody needs content in one form or the other. Nobody in the society is far from the language. Ant Spinner will take care of the task of forging attractive content and quickly too. If you need articles for websites and e-books, lots of time and labor would be required to rewrite articles manually. Writers would have to be paid well for each hour on the job. Why don’t you take the automated and easy path with this free paraphrasing tool? Besides synonyms, the word order gets changed and the sentences are rendered attractive to the readership.


The web offers many choices just like a shopping game! Like many other similar software, Plagiarisma offers several functions like checking grammar and detecting plagiarism. This widespread software would get the paraphrasing task done rather well with all the language appeal that attracts customers.

Content Professor

A name like that should certainly impress those looking out for paraphrasing tools online. This software does live up to its name and turns out worthwhile readable content. Like with all the programs, a final manual proofreading would be needed before the article is published. Those who hesitate with grammar could use a grammar checker.


A desktop application that completes the task in record time, and turns out professional and marketable content. All you need initially is some written work that is instantly groomed into a standard.

Ez rewriter

Either type the text or paste the article that you wish to paraphrase. This software will effectively polish the writing into a publishing-worthy shape.

Check them out.