Top 4 free online plagiarism tool

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Top 4 free online plagiarism tool

12/02/2017 12:00 AM by James in

Content is a crucial part of any website or a blog. You can call it a website’s lifeline. It is utmost important to make sure that the content you are presenting on your website, blog or forum is free from plagiarism. Plagiarised content can cause a lot of issues including copyright cases, blocking the website on Google etc. So if you do not want your website to be blacklisted by search engines then you must make sure that your content is not plagiarised.


Plagiarism is actually copying the content or ideas or words of other author or websites intentionally or unintentionally without authorization or giving the link to the source. There are several forms of plagiarism like complete, partial and lazy plagiarism.


How to ensure that the content you are going to post is not plagiarised


  • Make sure that you take enough time to research the topic and write.

  • Create a backlink to the source, if you have to take information from one source.

  • Try to take information from several sources.

  • If you have to take an entire quote from another website then mention the source.

  • Paraphrase and rewrite the information you find from sources. Do not copy paste.

  • Finally, the best alternative after all the above steps is to check on a plagiarism checking tool.


Here is the list of the top 4 online plagiarism checking tools  

Checking for plagiarism on these websites will take few minutes, but this will ensure that you are posting correct content on your website or blog. Also, it is a quick and correct way to ensure that your content writer is giving you a quality output. So do checkout this list.


1. Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker – With this tool, your content is checked on Google phrase by phrase and then a report is generated as per uniqueness of your content.


  • Lots of tools – The checker has a complete set of SEO tools which includes – plagiarism check, article rewriter, word count check, grammar check as well as spell check.

  • Multiple ways to check your content – You can either copy or paste your content to check or else you can upload a document in .docx or .txt from the computer, google drive or dropbox.

  • Exclude URLs – You can exclude specific urls if you are taking content from a particular source and mentioning backlinks of the source.


Plagiarism check may take a little more time if you are checking a long content.


2. Viper – It is a 3-step plagiarism checking tool available for free and it comes with an amazing user interface.


  • Completely free – The tool has no paid version and you can use all its features for free.

  • Extensive plagiarism search – The tool compares your content across 10 billion resources like journals, websites, and books.



Limited Audience – The website targets mostly college students to check their academic papers.


3. Paperrater – This popular, multi-purpose plagiarism checking tool is used by writers in over 140 countries.


  • 3 in 1 tool -- The website of paperrater combines proofreading and grammar check, plagiarism checker, and vocabulary checker all at one place. You can find your grammar mistakes and do proofreading along with plagiarism check, all at once with this amazing tool.

  • Fast results – The tool loads fast and even the test result of plagiarism is 100% fast. Also if it detects plagiarism, it highlights the words and sentences that are plagiarised and also mentions the sources where the same text is found.

  • Expert Development Team – PaperRater is developed by an expert team of subject matter experts and computational linguistics. Hence the results are reliable.



No feature to save the reports

The only issue found in the tool is that you are not able to save or store the results of your check for future reference.


4. Dupli Checker

This amazing free plagiarism checking tool is quite impressive. Although it may not have an impressive UI, still it does its job well.


  • Easy to Use – The interface is simple and easy to use. It is a simple, functional interface which works well even for a newbie.

  • 2 ways for plagiarism check – The tool allows you to check plagiarism by copy-pasting your content or by uploading your document in docx or txt format.

  • 50 scans for registered users – You can scan up to 50 documents for free in a day if you are a registered user.



1 search per day for non-registered users – If you are not registered on their website then you can scan only one document per day.