Meta Tags - How Google Meta Tags Impact SEO

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Meta Tags - How Google Meta Tags Impact SEO

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Meta Tags - How Google Meta Tags Impact SEO

Written in HTML, Meta Tags appear usually at the head of the page and search engines detect them. They are rather mysterious, Meta Tags because they do not appear visibly on the web page but form a part of the code. Blogs contain tags and probably everybody is familiar with them. Meta Tags are rather similar. Meta Tags are tiny descriptions of the web page content. Search engines refer to them to know what the web page is all about. The task is not easy because search engines are several, surfers come up with millions of queries and browsers need to study zillions of websites!

SEO is another aspect that internet marketing must be familiar with. Everybody wants to climb on the top spot as far as page rankings are concerned or SERPs. Only the first few ranks on the first page stand a fair chance of being clicked and business is done with the generation of revenues from the sale of products or services. The bitter struggle for business survival on the web extends far beyond SEO but it is an essential element in the ever-changing online scape with algorithms and browser rules constantly in a state of flux.

How the Meta Tags affect SEO

Meta Tags are of several kinds and not all of them are crucial. How do you know that a web page uses Meta Tags? You need to right click at any point on the page and select View Page Source to get the Meta Tags at the head of the page.

Get to know the four chief types of Meta Tags

•    Meta Keywords Attribute represents the keywords connected with the particular page.

•    The Title Tag is seen at the top and is understood by search engines as the title of the page.

•    Meta Description Attribute displays a  brief summary of the page contents.

•    The Meta Robots Attribute suggests to crawlers or bots what action they should take with regards to the particular page.

The Meta Keywords Attribute throws light on the subject of the page.  Only the Title Tag can influence the search engine ranks and be visible to the searcher. Meta Description Attribute explains what the page concerns and if well written can attract searchers to the website. Meta Robots could include the following: index/noindex (indicating whether the page should be shown in the search results) and follow/nofollow (indicates to the search engine whether links on the pages should be followed to the next page).