How to write effective Meta descriptions for SEO?

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How to write effective Meta descriptions for SEO?

10/20/2017 12:00 AM by Amy in

How to write effective Meta descriptions for SEO?

Meta Tags became important as an index of websites that contained titles, descriptions, and keywords. When they began to be abused and overused, Google decided that Meta descriptions would not be used for website ranking purposes. Search engines do not rank websites based on Meta descriptions. Indirect advantages exist like the click-through rate.                                                 

In a large number of cases, website reputations could have been saved by effective Meta descriptions. The Meta description is certainly the last strategy that exists on the SERPs to attract visitors to click on the website address. Yet, they are no longer considered essential and the sacrifice is the traffic that might have generated leads and revenues.

Descriptions are certainly snippets of sales talk, akin to advertising, though only in words. It is seen beneath the link in the search result. Describing, convincing and persuading may result in a click through. The words that match search expressions are found in bold.

<meta name="description" content="A page's description,

 usually one or two sentences."/>

Use meta tags analyzer tool

Make sure of structured content


Technical aspects might go down well for genuine surfers looking for products. Manufacturer and price are all fine.

Action-based expressions will reach far

A call-to-action like commonly found in adverts would motivate searchers, maybe looking out for medicines. Action verbs like ‘Try’ or ‘Find’ could indicate what might happen if they responded. Include the focus keyword.

Offer solutions

Give reasons to substantiate the superb offer and preview what is to come with packed yet simple, informative content.

Avoid deception

Match with the website content faithfully. While most advertising offers honeyed promises far exaggerated, stick to the truth or the ‘back’ button comes into play.  Avoid keyword stuffing that can be easily seen through. Or, the result could very well be penal actions that harm reputations and end in blacklisting.

Useful and workable, specific and relevant

Avoiding flashy and demonstrative words, and let it be generic language that searchers can quickly identify with. Consider the many searchers who are trying to connect with a purpose.

Work within specific lengths

A 135-160-character snippet is all that needs to be done and the phrase being searched like ‘American wildlife’ would usually be found within the Meta description.

Unique content goes a long way

Rather than display duplicate writing, leave it to the search engine to select a snippet from the text and use it as a Meta description. But then, a good opportunity of enticing surfers is lost.

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