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Blacklist Lookup tool has really emerged as a life saving tool for all the SEOs & webmasters as it saves you from the bloody claws of a blacklist, once your site went into that group of black list, its game over literally. When you operate either a site or a blog & fill it in with cutting edge content to beat the hell out of your opponents, it becomes mandatory to stay away from any negative strategy which can pull your site into blacklist directories.

However, after taking all the precautions sometimes your site get caught in the blacklist servers, to deal with such situation our ‘Blacklist Lookup’ tool can be really handy, you can check the status of your site in 2 easy steps & it will crawl over a dozen of blacklist servers to find out if your domain is in there and gives the exact status of your site in detail based on your IP address & domain name.

Reportedly, it has been seen that sometimes because of shared web server hosting some sites get blacklisted without any information to the site owners which affects your traffic big time & divert your potential customers to some other site.

Nowadays, Search engines are very strict in dealing with the spam or crappy sites, with regular use of our tool you can keep your site safe from getting listed in blacklist databases, & who knows how your regular engaging content wins you something big. 

Our tool is a user friendly, free of cost tool which helps to solve another big problem of server mail rejection, in case of getting blacklisted most of the domains find their all important marketing emails in the spam folder of their recipients or potential customers, which is another failure of your marketing strategy.

With the help of ‘Blacklist Lookup’, you can find the solution to this creepy but serious problem in a really easy peesy manner by following these two simple steps:

  • Enter your desired URL into the space provided.
  • Press submit.

It will show the list of all the blacklist databases along with the status of your site, also it will give an overall ranking whether your site is “Listed” or “Not Listed” in any of the blacklist directories.

So get ready to convert that black-list into white & enjoy the ride.