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Free Small SEO Backlink Checker tool

backlink checker tool helps you to find the backlink of the website. If you need to find the backlink of any website then you can copy and paste the link of the page into the box then Small SEO backlink checker tool will give you the list of URLs. In these URLs your competitor have the backlink.

Free Competitor Backlink Finding Tool

Competitor backlink finding is the very important task in SEO. If you want to rank your website in Google search result then you have to update good quality content on the website. Second task is creating backlink for the website. For backlink creation, you need opportunities for your website. You have to just submit your main keyword in the Google then you will get the list of website. Those websites are your competitor's websites. You have to check their backlink one by one. Just copy your competitor link and insert it into the InRaMS competitor backlink checker tool. You will get the list of opportunity, Where you have to submit your website. SO this is the ongoing task you have to do this frequently because this task keeps an eye on your competitors also.InRaMS Small SEO Backlink checker tool helps you to find the backlinks.

How To Use Small SEO Backlink Checker Tool

Small SEO backlink checker tool gives us the data of links those are created by our competitor, You have to just find your competitor link and put it in the box then submit. Once you submit the URL then this tool will give you the list of links those are created by the competitor. So this tool is very useful tool for SEO guys. If you are from SEO agency then this tool helps you to find the data in less time. 

Why we need to find the backlink or Why we have to check competitor's backlink

If we want the ranking of our web pages in search engine then we have to create good backlinks for the website. For creating the backlink, we need to do our competitor link prospecting. So this tool helps us to find the competitors links.

Once we get the backlinks list from this backlink checker tool. Then we can outreach them. So this process helps us to create good backlink via Backlink checker tool. 

You can find the market trend also via this tool, For example, if you want to check that what is going on in the sports industry, Then you have to just submit the website into the tool and tool will gives you the list of website those are related to the sports industry. You can check those websites and find what is going on. This could be a different way to think about analogs. So keep finding you backlink via InRaMS free backlink checker tool

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How To Use Backlink Checker tool

Backlink checker tool gives us the data of links, With the help of those links you can analyze the how the other pages are rank. This tool gives us the data for links according to there sites.

  • Backlink according to Google.
  • Backlink according to Alexa.
  • Backlink according to Bing.

So you have the data from 3 different sources. If you want to analyze backlink according to Google then check out Google backlink and try to outreach them for your URLs as well. Alexa is a traffic data provider. So Backlink according to Alexa is also important.

Backlinks helps to improve ranking

Once our website backlink creates then Google improve ranking for the page. If a page ranking is improved then its impressions and traffic also improved. So find out the competitor backlink with the help of InRaMS backlink checker and improve your keyword ranking.


Expert SEOs always prefer a Backlink checker tool which allows them to identify the best backlinks available as well as the worst ones, its extremely important in order to get a better idea of popularity, visibility & possible success of their blog or site.

To deal with the competitors, it’s extremely important to keep an eye on the performance of your site whether it’s alive & kicking or getting plagued, backlinks are one of the main methods of checking your charm over internet, in no time.

While creating backlinks, you should focus on quality rather than quantity, many sites get lost or loose traffic because of bad quality backlinks from millions of crap sites, instead of adding value to your site these crap backlinks grab the attention of the evil side of Google to beat the hell out of you & penalize your site with bad ranking, way out of top 100.

With our backlink checker, you can check out the good, the bad & the ugly, as it finds the best quality backlinks directing immense traffic to your site, along with a list of total backlinks connecting to your URL or Domain including the crappy ones.

Strong links will be present at the top, with ranking in decreasing order, with this awesome SEO tool, you’ll get great backlink results for as many domains as possible free of cost.

Now, let’s see the mode of operation of backlink checker:

With hi fi speed like a cheetah, it will pop a list of all the quality backlinks along with their addresses, where you can also check out the ranking of the connecting sites with the keywords responsible for your link visibility on that site.

Sometimes it happens that you can’t find the backlink site, our backlink checker will bring an in-depth analysis of the problem with the site whether it’s no follow permission or a connection issue etc.

Backlink checker is a special tool made with lots of effort to identify only the highest ranking website's backlinks within shortest possible span of time, with 10 best results at a time.

Use our easy peasy Backlink Checker to find out why it’s the hot favorite tool in the market.


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