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Free AVG Antivirus Checker 

Free antivirus checker tool helps us to find the data about virus, Online AVG Antivirus Checker tool is offered by InRaMS Small SEO Tools which helps you in finding viruses in the website for visitors and useful for webmasters to make their website virus free. Every time when a visitor visits the website, The only concern for them is website should be virus free. For webmasters this tool helps to check the virus in the websites. For visitors if anyone is concern for any website then he/she can check the website with free avg antivirus checker tool.



As a blogger or a website owner, you create awesome content on daily basis with a whole & sole purpose to bring in a huge amount of traffic to your webpage which include your potential customers & collaborators but along with your increasing popularity some harmful elements like hackers also visit your webpage to infect your domain or most probably to leave some virus at your page, which in turn affects your search engine rankings & all your hard work goes in vain.

That’s why its really very important to keep your site safe from different spams & viruses with our extremely powerful & user friendly AVG Antivirus Checker, which is the best available free online tool in the market to give you the solution of all your antivirus needs.

Whenever a hacker or virus attacks a website, it makes some unauthorized changes in the coding of your website due to which your site tends to show abnormal behavior, for example, it may open a lot of pages on a single click or it may not respond as per your desired command, all of this will annoy your visitors big time and eventually they will leave your site.

Unlike other antivirus tools, AVG Antivirus checker helps you in solving this problem as you can perform a free of cost, superfast online antivirus check without installing any software or toolbar as many times as you want, with a maximum of 20 URLs at a time, here keep in mind to mention different URLs in separate lines.

Our AVG Antivirus Checker is one unique, easy to use tool with which you can scan all your websites at a go in just few clicks, you can start the process by entering the desired URL at the empty box provided & press submit, immediately it will run through a database of millions of viruses, worms & Trojans to check the status of your site if it is infected or not. 

Results will be presented in tabular form where status will be mentioned in front of your domain name as ‘safe site’ or ‘unsafe’ & not to mention it’s the best tool available to work with….START NOW!