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Alexa Global Rank Checker tool

Alexa rank checker tool helps you find the Alexa rank of your domain. Alexa rank gives you the rank of your website. This rank is globally as well as locally.

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Alexa Ranking checker tool


For hard working Blogger, SEO & online marketers, it’s really important to check on the regular basis how they are doing in this highly competitive environment, they have to keep an eye on all the aspects of the market along with their competitors to catch up with the latest trends.

Alexa rank checker tool is a clear leader in this field, in order to check the popularity of a webpage it checks the total no of visitors to the site per month as compared to your competitors.

With our free Alexa rank checker tool, you can instantly check the position of a large no of websites in Alexa ranking system. Usually they say the bigger the better but here that’s not the case as in alexa ranking system, smaller number wins.

Our Alexa global rank checker helps you out to not only check the global ranking of your site but also provide two different charts to explain your performance during different months with full data of

  1. Approx visitors to your site.
  2. Users who reach your site through search engines.

It will give an intimation about total backlinks generated for your website till date, with a specialty of measuring the traffic to your site by counting the total no of visitors from different countries, by comparing which you can find which country loves you the most, that’s why it's like a report card for domain owners, buyers and webmasters for their efforts.

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Website Alexa Rank Tracking Tool

The Alexa traffic rank of a site not only highlights its success rate but also guides the bloggers and site owners about their pros & cons, as you can check Alexa global rank for your domain & get an overall view of what’s working & where you need to push the throttle.

If you’re looking to buy a domain, then this high-speed Alexa global rank checker tool can prove to be a magic wand as it will give you clear intimation about which domain you should go with.

It not only checks the total no of backlinks present on a website but also shows the name of different areas which love your site the most, on the basis of the site’s popularity in a particular region like USA or India.

It’s the fastest & user-friendly tool to opt for, TRY IT NOW!

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